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Seasonal Payments Offered


Seasonal Payments Offered

Equipment financing when you're a trucker or run a construction business is difficult to deal with from traditional funding channels. Many creditors and financial institutions treat their clients with one-size-fits-all options that fail to account for the real-world cash flow fluctuations throughout the year. When you have access to seasonal payments, you end up getting access to many benefits.


flexible financing


Typical equipment loans and lines of credit require the same payment each month. While you can hold a set amount back in savings to account for slower seasons, such as the winter, you also put yourself in a situation where you have to take fewer risks as a business owner or an owner-operator that could lead to great gains down the road.

The only thing traditional lenders worry about is whether you can pay back the loan. They're not personally invested in your success, nor do they know about the unique requirements that this industry has. You get treated the same as the medium-size business that has a steady cash flow all year long.

When you work with a niche financing company, such as Money in Motion Inc, you have the chance to get payment options that adapt to changes in circumstance. They are well acquainted with the seasonal challenges of your industry and have seasonal payments offered to make it easy for you to repay.


embracing new opportunities


The opportunity costs associated with set monthly payments can be significant. How many times would you have to skip out on bringing in new equipment for a job because the increased debt wouldn't be feasible during your slow period? Your income and business growth would move slowly, stagnated by overly restrictive funding options.

You get to embrace new opportunities and take more risks when you don't have to hold back a significant portion of your cash flow for the slow season. When you achieve success with aggressive strategies, you can grow by leaps and bounds.

All you need is a niche financing company that has seasonal payments offered. You might have to dig a little deeper than when you go with a traditional funding source, but it's well worth it for a company that treats you like a valued partner.


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