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Key Advantages in Working With Heavy Equipment Finance Specialists


Key Advantages in Working With Heavy Equipment Finance Specialists


Carpe diem! When new business opportunities suddenly appear, a quick and nimble response is imperative. Equipment leasing is often a key step in gearing up to truly "seize the day."

Heavy equipment financing is essential to many business operations across Canada, from the sprawling wheat fields of Saskatchewan to logging in British Columbia, and from the oil sands of northern Alberta to urban construction projects in Toronto.


Diverse Applications

 Leasing new and used equipment conserves capital in many areas of the Canadian economy:


When a new truck costs $150,000 or more, leasing is often the most viable solution in transportation especially when your business depends on a reliable unit. However, it can be costly especially in todays market. To get what you require without using up your company’s cash reserve, you can look to Money In Motion (MIM). Leasing conserves working capital.


When construction firms land new projects, leasing front-end loaders, dump trucks, cranes and more gives you the requisite firepower to tackle new assignments and meet aggressive deadlines. Lease new fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce expenses and enhance profitability.


We recognize that not all industries are the same. Whether you are looking to purchase a flatbed, heavy duty rotators, or even smaller wreckers. Our finance and leasing programs are designed to ensure you get the financing you require; so that you can focus on receiving more calls with additional trucks.  

Forestry / Logging

Loggers in Northern Ontario, BC, and beyond chase efficiency to generate profits. Leasing new, more efficient equipment is often an ideal solution for a forward-looking enterprise. This is why smart logging equipment financing is vital. According to the BC Forest Safety Council, about 85 percent of forest companies in the province employ five people or fewer. Since a new truck and trailer often retails for $200,000 or more, partnering with a reputable heavy equipment leasing specialist can be crucial to success.


Heavy Equipment Leasing Advantages


Conserve working capital for day-to-day operations, maintenance and marketing. When appropriate, arrange for shorter lease terms where equipment innovation is the norm. For standard heavy-duty equipment, consider 60-, 72- or 84-month terms. Get lower payments compared to outright purchases and enjoy potential tax benefits. With the new revenue streams generated, leased equipment often pays for itself.

Equipment finance in Canada addresses critical requirements in other endeavors as well, like OTR transport, vocational trucking, waste/recycling, hydro-excavation and more. Experts in heavy equipment finance better understand factors unique to each industry, including seasonal fluctuations.

Get quick decisions from a reputable leader in equipment finance in Canada -- Money in Motion. Our direct funding capability can speed up the process when it is time to seize a new opportunity. Please contact us today.


The Money In Motion Team.



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