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Dedicated to helping Equipment Vendors sell more equipment!


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Since your customers routinely purchase or lease expensive equipment, every deal is important. Perhaps there’s nothing more frustrating for an equipment dealer than to fail to close a sale due to hiccups in the financing process.


Advantages of an equipment financing specialist

When an equipment financing company is a true strategic partner, more sales happen. It’s that simple. What will the ideal niche market financing specialist bring to the table?

First, it should have an in-house process for quick approvals. In time-sensitive deals, your customers expect and deserve commitments that occur in a matter of hours wherever possible.

Second, you want an equipment financing specialist willing to offer 100-percent financing to qualifying credit. Your customers with excellent credit expect this kind of flexibility.

Third, you want to work with a financing company with a high approval ratio. Your customer wants the equipment. You want the sale. Your financing company needs to say “Yes!” the vast majority of the time.

Fourth, as an equipment vendor, you want to work with a financing company that moves money to you quickly and efficiently. Direct deposit provides additional peace-of-mind.


getting deals done


Every vendor has felt the sting of a deal falling through due to financing issues. A bona fide specialist in heavy equipment financing is ideally positioned to understand the unique credit situation of every prospective buyer. Non-specialist financial institutions often adopt a highly conservative, one-size-fits-all approach that unnecessarily stymies deals. Ideally, a specialist in heavy equipment financing will help a deal get done through a more careful assessment of your client’s assets, receivables and overall financial position.

Sometimes, a creative financing package gets your new equipment into the hands of your customer. An equipment financing specialist that's willing to properly assess the market value of your customer's older equipment may put a package together when others can't. Usually, heavy equipment has considerable value, even when it is older. Due to our expertise in heavy equipment financing, we can help your clients more successfully collateralize current equipment to facilitate a purchase.


contact us today


Money in Motion is a creative, responsive and knowledgeable heavy equipment financing specialist. Our vendor program is suitable for virtually anyone selling revenue-producing equipment. Our team would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let us know of the challenges you’ve faced in financing your customers’ deals, and we’ll suggest solutions drawn from our 28 years of experience. Please contact us today!


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